All about Melanotan!

Melanotan is a cosmetic peptide that stimulates a natural increase in melanin production. Melanin is the main determinant of skin colour in humans. It is a brown pigment, which causes skin to become darker in appearance instead of red when exposed to UV rays. Typically when your skin is exposed to UV rays (the sun or tanning beds) your skin will release melanin as a natural defense to protect your skin from absorbing an excess amount of solar radiation. This natural defense to UV light is what leads to tanning or a darkening of your skin. Melanotan will give you a tan while saving your body from the damage which would be be caused by the sun. If your skin is naturally pale, high exposure to UV radiation can lead to severe problems. One of the most crucial problems, which can occur due to this process, is skin cancer. MT-2 is particularly useful for fair-skinned individuals who find that they cannot tan by spending time in the sun however all skin types achieve excellent cosmetic tanning results.

MT2 possesses the essential elements, which can provide you with all the desired results in a matter of days. Users will develop a gradual, natural looking tan with minimal sun exposure. MT2 users don’t have to worry about their tan streaking or washing off as they develop a natural flawless, evenly toned, golden tan. The product is quite easy and simple to use and produces effective results.

We stock 1 dosing method of Melanotan I & 2 different dosing methods of Melanotan II. Melanotan I is only available in the injection method (the most effective method!) whereas we also have the Nose Spray dosing method of Melanotan II.
Injection is the most efficient method of getting the peptides where they need to be in order to produce the desired results. The nasal spray method is only effective up to 30 – 40% because the nasal passages have poor absorption rate. This means you have to apply the nasal spray at least two to three times more than the injection. Some sources say the nasal spray is completely ineffective due to the molecules being too large to be absorped. We don’t recommend this method or promote it however we decided to stock nasal spray after receiving several requests to do so. We do have a regular customer base using the nasal spray method and they love it! But we have also had customers that haven’t achieved any results from this method. Apart from the difference in the application & absorption the injection & nasal spray method both have all the same side effects etc.


Melanotan I & II comes in 10mg lyophilized (freeze-dried) form vials and will appear as a white powder, either as a pellet, small chunks, a ball or as a powder. 

Melanotan 2 Lyophilized form vials bronzedKITTEN

Many Internet suppliers will sell pre-mixed Melanotan however most of the time pre-mixed vials are not legitimate and you run the risk of infection or a compound that has lost a great deal of potency. All peptides should be delivered in lyophilized form. Lyophilized form is the most stable and durable form.

Melanotan II History and Development

Melanotan II was developed by researchers at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Melanotan II is an analog of the peptide hormone alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (α-MSH), this hormone provides a therapeutic tan with the ability to lower the risk of skin cancer, (MSH) also plays an important role in regulating sexual arousal in men and women. Melanotan II has the additional effect of decreasing body fat mass and is known to suppress the appetite. Melanotan II is a cyclic lactyam analog of alpha-MSH with the amino acid sequence Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH2.

Melanotan II is in a class of peptide hormones known as Melanocortins (MCs). Melanocortin agonist peptides are multifunctional protein hormones that regulate a diversity of physiological functions. MCs have been implicated in sexual function in mammals.

In 1998 the University of Arizona improved the peptide even further and developed Melanotan II which was an even more effective sunless tanning agent. Both Melanotan I and II are synthetic hormones of melanocyte stimulating hormone that is responsible for darkening the pigment of your skin when exposed to sunlight. Melanotan I is a linear, full length peptide [containing all 13 amino-acids]. Melanotan II is a shortened, circular version of the same peptide.

After synthesizing and screening hundreds of molecules, the researchers headed by Dr. Victor Hruby, found a peptide that after trials and testing seemed to not only be safe but also approximately 1,000 times more potent than natural α-MSH. They dubbed this new peptide Melanotan.

The Arizona Cancer Center is working with Melanotan not only as a drug with cosmetic applications but in order to reduce the risk of skin cancer. They feel that if fair skinned people take Melanotan it will offer them the protective benefit of a tan without the harm of sun exposure. In essence, it could protect people by providing them with a slight sunless tan that would make them less prone to burn with their day-to-day exposure to the sun.

The Arizona Cancer Center’s research has found Melanotan I to be effective in promoting skin pigmentation with little or no risk, however it’s role in actually preventing skin cancer has not yet been determined.


Melanotan, and most peptides in general are legal to own and to use. However, the domestic sales of most peptides are restricted to research purposes only. This is true for Europe, USA and Australia – other regions may vary.

Melanotan has been going through extensive testing and research over the past 10 years. Even with all this development on the Melanotan I and II peptides, the long term side effects are still unknown and therefore haven’t been FDA approved yet. So far melanotan is only effective when administered by subcutaneous injection, not orally. Since melanotan must be administered with insulin needles, it will never be FDA approved for over-the-counter use until an effective oral form is developed. If they do end up approving it you will need to go to a cosmetic surgeon’s office to get them administered.


Travelling with Melanotan is a frequent question for holiday goers and backpackers, and while slightly more difficult it isn’t impossible.

The first thing to take note of is the fact that carrying Melanotan, as above isn’t illegal in many countries, but it is worth checking google first. This also goes for needles and sterile water.

If you can transport all of your supplies its best to prepare it while in your hotel/apartment and store it in a minifridge or similar there, in accordance with the information below.

Always pack this into you checked/hold luggage, rather than your carry on/cabin bag.
If however you can’t transport it all or you are backpacking you have a few other options.
First, you’ll have to use bacteriostatic water when mixing at home, sodium chloride is completely unsuitable for this application. This should be suitable for travel to a lot more places, if asked just state it’s normal sterile water (legal) rather than bacteriostatic water (illegal).
If the area you are travelling to does not allow Melanotan then you become slightly more limited again. However, the most used option is to transfer the contents of your Melanotan vial into a Vitamin B12 vial. B12 injctions are legal in many more countries, again, check first. If B12 is illegal you can search for another similar option.

Lastly, you will have to go down the nasal route. Purchase a standard nasal mist spray from a supermarket, prepare it as stated below and put it into your hold luggage. If this gets picked up they can look at it, smell it, spray it and test it – it’ll be okay. Airports don’t have the equipment to test for peptides, they are looking for things like amphetamines, barbitrates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, methaqualone and opiods. 


  • Decreased Exposure to UV Rays: Melanotan II requires minimal exposure to sunlight compared to other products. This means that your body will be less exposed to harmful UV rays.
  • Flexibility: The amount of Melanotan II you should use generally depends on your goals, skin type and body weight. Once your body is tanned to the level you are happy with, all you need is a few sprays a week to maintain your tan. (For more information on dosages view the instructions page)
  • Durable Tan: Even if you stop using Melanotan, your body will stay tanned for a considerable period of time, at least 4 weeks.
  • Melanotan 2 Used as a Weight Loss Treatment: Also burn fat while using Melanotan II. The system of Melanocortin is cogent for controlling the weight of your body; Melanotan II stimulates the oxidation in fatty acids and increases insulin sensitivity. Consequently, the fatty acids residing in your body are washed away.


Melanotan peptides are durable and stable when shipped, surviving temperatures up to 98 degrees for almost a month or more. Even shipping this peptide during summer is not a problem. Peptides are very stable but after receiving them, they should be stored in the refrigerator to prevent possible spoilage.

Room temperature = (21 – 24C) OR (70 – 75F)
Refrigerated = (2 – 8C) OR (36 – 43F)
Freezer = (<-18C) OR (<0F)

When in freeze dried form they can be stored in many ways…
Room temperature – 12 months
Refrigerated – 48 months
Freezer – 48 months+

When reconstituted with sterile water or sodium chloride…
Room temperature – Not recommended *
Refrigerated – 1 month 
Freezer – 48 months 

When reconstituted with bacteriostatic water…
Room temperature – 2 months
Refrigerated – 48 months
Freezer – Not recommended **

Mixed vials begin degrade after 8 weeks of storage. Mixed vials older than 8 weeks are still safe to use but they will not be as effective as new vials.

Both mixed and unmixed vials should be stored in sealed plastic satchels or containers and kept away from food in the refrigerator.

* Sterile injectable water and sodium chloride contain no bacteriostatic agent and thus bacteria can flourish in this environment and become toxic within hours.

** Some bacteriostatic agents can be denatured from low temperatures and as such should not undergo freeze-thaw cycles.

Vials SHOULD NOT be deliberately shaken.

You should store any unopened sterile injectable water, sodium chloride and bacteriostatic water in the refrigerator. Opened sterile injectable water and sodium chloride should be disposed of after first use.

Syringes and alcohol swabs can be stored in any location.
Unmixed vials will last 12 months stored in the refrigerator.

Reconstitution (mixing)

This is the act of dissolving your freeze dried powder into a sterile liquid medium ready for injection or into a spray for nasal administation.

This can be accomplished with either sterile injectable water, sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water.

For Injection

There isn’t much to consider here except dosage.

If you wish to use doses of less than 500mcg it would be best to use 2ml (200 units) of water.

If you wish to use doses of 500mcg or more then you can use 1ml (100 units).

This allows you to accurately measure doses while not having to inject more fluid than required.

First, gather your supplies…

*  1 vial of Melanotan

*  1 vial/ampule of water

*  1 syringe

*  1 Sterile wipe

  1. Take your Melanotan vial and pop off the top of the vial to reveal the rubber stopper. Wipe with the swab.
  2. If using bacteriostatic water, pop off the top of the vial (if applicable) to reveal the rubber stopper. Wipe with the swab. If using sterile injectable water or sodium chloride, twist off the top of the ampule
  3. Next insert a syringe into the vial/ampule and hold it upside down.
  4. Withdraw your water and inject it slowly into the Melanotan vial aiming at the side, not the powder. This make take several attempts based on the size of your syringes – with a 1ml syringe you will need to inject 2 full syringes of water into your Melanotan vial if mixing with 2ml of water.
  5. Place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight while the powder dissolves, you can swirl or tilt the vial to help. Some residue may remain.



For Nasal Spray
This can be accomplished in many ways, the most used method is to mix the freeze dried peptide with sterile water and then transfer it into the nasal spray bottle. However, you can mix it with an over the counter nasal mist which can allow for better use. If using this and the mixture is thin then you can substitute the water and just remove some from this to reconstitute.

First, gather your supplies…

*  1 vial of Melanotan

*  1 vial/ampule of water

*  1 empty nasal spray bottle OR 1 OTC nasal mist

*  1 syringe

  1. Take your Melanotan vial and pop off the top of the vial to reveal the rubber stopper.
  2. If using bacteriostatic water, pop off the top of the vial (if applicable) to reveal the rubber stopper. If using sterile injectable water or sodium chloride, twist off the top of the ampule
  3. Next insert a syringe into the vial/ampule and hold it upside down.
  4. Withdraw 40 units (4ml) of water and inject it slowly into the Melanotan vial aiming at the side, not the powder. Some people find that mixing with only 4ml of water the peptide content is too strong for them and they experience bad short term side effects. Changing the amount of water you mix your peptide with can resolve this. These customers mix 80 units (8ml) of water with their Melanotan and spray x2 the recommended sprays so that they are still dosing the same mcg of Melanotan each dosage. If you want to mix your nasal spray up with more water than 4ml click hereto purchase additional 2ml ampoles.
  5. Place in the fridge for a few hours or overnight while the powder dissolves, you can swirl or tilt the vial to help. Some residue may remain.
  6. Insert the syringe again and turn upside down.
  7. Withdraw all of the liquid and remove the syringe.
  8. Unscrew the cap of your nasal spray and slowly inject the liquid into the bottle.
  9. If using an empty bottle you can now transfer the remainder of the water. Wait 2 hours before use.

How to use… 

  1. Blow your nose gently to remove mucus from your nasal passages.
  2. Gently shake the bottle of Nasal Spray and remove the cap or lid from the bottle.
  3. Tilt your head slightly forward and close one nostril by gently pressing against

    the side of your nose with your finger.

  4. Insert the tip of the Nasal spray into the other nostril.
  5. Point the tip toward the back and outer side of your nose.
  6. Make sure to direct the spray straight back, not up into the tip of your nose.
  7. Squeeze the bottle as you begin to slowly breathe in through your nose.
  8. Remove the tip of the bottle from your nostril and breathe out through your


  9. Repeat this procedure for your other nostril.
  10. Replace the lid on the bottle.
  11. Try to avoid sneezing or blowing your nose immediately after using.

We recommend the following loading dosage for the first 14 days: 

Males 4 sprays in each nostril a day – reduce to 2 sprays in each nostril after 14 days.

Females 2 sprays in each nostril a day – reduce to 1 spray in each nostril after 14 days until the desired tan has been achieved.


Once you have your desired tan (which will usually occur between 3 – 4 weeks) use the nasal spray twice a week in order to maintain the tan.


Storage – Store in the fridge. Shelf life after first use is 12 weeks.



Here you need to consider your dosage again. I’ll be using the figures I stated in the dosage information below.

If you reconstituted with 1ml of water every unit is 100mcg of Melanotan.
If you want to dose 500mcg, you need 5 units.
If you want to dose 1000mcg, you need 10 units.

If you reconstituted with 2ml of water every unit is 50mcg of Melanotan.
If you want to dose 100mcg, you need 2 units.
If you want to dose 250mcg, you need 5 units.
If you want to dose 500mcg, you need 10 units.

Depending on the size of your needles the scale on the needle can change. The most common two are as follows.


Actual injection takes place by pinching the skin loose from the muscle and raising it so that a needle can be inserted between the skin and muscle. This is not a deep injection and melanotan should be injected in the fat layer of the skin.

You also need to consider your injection site, the most popular is the stomach, followed by the leg and buttocks.

If you have a low body fat percentage you may have to inject at a 45 degree angle or use short needles.

If you can pinch a small amount of fat then you can inject at a 90 degree angle.


Pre-loading can be advantageous when using sterile injectable water or sodium chloride or if you wish to save time later.

This is the best method for when using sodium chloride as it eliminates risk of contamination.

Gather your supplies…

*  1 vial of reconstituted Melanotan

*  All of your syringes

*  A few alcohol swabs

  1. Start by wiping your Melanotan stopper and then insert the syringe.
  2. Turn the vial upside down and withdraw your required dose.
  3. Return the right way up and remove the syringe.
  4. Carefully replace the cap.
  5. Repeat for all of your syringes. If your swab becomes dry then replace it, one swab should manage about 10 syringes
  6. Place your syringes in a zip lock bag and place in the freezer.
  1. When ready to administer your dose take a syringe out of the fridge and allow to thaw, this should only take a few minutes. You can hold it in your hand to speed up the process.
  2. Find a suitable injection site and wipe with the alcohol swab.
  3. Insert the needle into your skin in a firm and swift movement.
  4. Slowly push the plunger until all the liquid is gone.
  5. Remove the needle in a similar fashion as above and dispose.
  6. A small amount of blood can be expected, just use the swab to give it another wipe.

Normal Injections

This is the easiest method and is advised when using bacteriostatic water.

You can use this method with sterile injectable water or sodium chloride, however, you must ensure the vials are kept sterile at all times.

The smallest amount of bacteria can multiply to harmful levels in hours to days depending on storage.

Gather your supplies…

*  1 vial of reconstituted Melanotan

*  1 syringes

*  1 alcohol swab

  1. Start by wiping your Melanotan stopper and then insert the syringe.
  2. Turn the vial upside down and withdraw your required dose.
  3. Return the right way up and remove the syringe.
  4. Find a suitable injection site and wipe with the alcohol swab.
  5. Insert the needle into your skin in a firm and swift movement.
  6. Slowly push the plunger until all the liquid is gone.
  7. Remove the needle in a similar fashion as above and dispose.
  8. A small amount of blood can be expected, just use the swab to give it another wipe.

If in doubt you can YouTube how to administer Melanotan correctly and there are several videos that demonstrate how to administer Melanotan.

Dosage Information

Melanotan 1 has a half life of ~1 hour, this means to get the most out of it you should inject twice daily, once in the morning and then again midday or before UV exposure. It is also better to dose every single day – this adds up to a lot of injections.

Recommend dosages starting from 1mg (500mcg twice daily) for Melanotan 1 due to the lower side effects associated with it. After 2-4 days increase to 1.5mg (750mcg twice daily) and stick at this point. If you wish to increase the dose further, do so slowly.

Melanotan 2 has a half life of ~33 hours, this allows you to be very flexible with dosing. Recommended dosages start at 250mcg every day to help your body acclimatize to the peptide and minimize the side effects. You can continue with this dose indefinitely if you are intending to do a low dosage regimen.
If you want to dose higher, after 2-4 days, whenever you feel comfortable, up the dose to 500mcg. 500mcg is the most common dosage amount administed by users. You can increase the dose as far as about 1mg but any higher is generally not advised and the users dosing 1mg/dose normally weigh around the 100kg mark.

Suggested Dosing:

The below dosing plan is based on the vial being reconstituted with 2ml of water.

Day 1-3
0.2mg/day – pull the syringe upto halfway between the bottom and the 10 mark.

Day 4-6
0.5mg/day – pull the syringe upto the 10 mark

Day 7 – until you have your desired tan depth
Dose the advised units as per your weight per day up to a maximum of 1mg/day.
Anyone can safely dose 1mg/day if they aren’t experiencing any bad side effects
** UV exposure during loading level will help to achieve desired color faster** 

How much to buy…

Dosage will vary depending on the user’s skin type. Below are the amounts most commonly used for each skin type.

For the Loading Phase…

Skin type 1 & 2 will need approximately 30mg total in order to achieve a dark tan.

Skin type 3 will need about 10-20mg to achieve a dark tan.

Skin type 4 will not need anything over 10mg to get really dark..

For the Maintenance Phase…

Skin type 1 – each vial will last approximately a minimum of 2.5 weeks and a maximum of 4 weeks.

Skin type 2 – each vial will last approximately a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks.

Skin type 3 & 4 – each vial will last approximately a minimum of 6 weeks and a maximum of 12 weeks.

Above is only a general guideline.

UV Exposure

The tanning activity of MT2 without the need for UV exposure has been proven by clinical trial; however, when combined with a small amount of UV exposure results are achieved much quicker, and the tan is a more natural colour.

If you live in a sunny area then you can begin slowly exposing yourself outside from the day you begin dosing. If you have access to a solarium and live in an area with low UV exposure or its winter you can use the it once or twice weekly, depending on your goals. Normally 5-10 minutes is adequate, again follow the advice above and don’t push it too far.

MT2 and UV exposure complement each other, so if you spend a lot of time tanning you will need less frequent injections to obtain and maintain your tan. If you don’t spend much time tanning you will need more frequent doses to develop and keep your tan.

It should be noted that a tan can creep up unexpectedly. Tans generally set in 36 hours after exposure to UV rays. Remember to use suncream if you need it and be cautious!

Avoid Burning

Though tans protect the skin from burning, the Melanotan peptide will not protect the skin. This makes it important not to overexpose yourself when first starting the therapy. You should start only with the amount of exposure that the your skin can handle without burning. It shouldn’t take long before the user can handle longer exposures to strong sunlight without adverse effects.

When starting out always use 30+ sunscreen on sensitive areas such as the face and neck. Because these areas are frequently exposed to UV rays they are more responsive to the melanin producing effects of MT2 and will therefore become darker quicker than the rest of the body. Covering these areas initially will allow other parts of the body to tan first, ensuring a well-balanced even tan is achieved.

Maintenance dosing

Once you have reached your desired level of tan then you can enter what is known as the ‘maintenance phase’. 

Maintenance dosing requires much less frequent dosage than once a day.

Although the level is different for most people it levels out at around 500mcg every 3 or 4 days and a small amount of UV exposure with every or every other dose. This dosage will allow you to maintain your tan through winter without much work.

If you notice at any point you’re becoming darker, reduce the dose. If you notice you are getting lighter, add in an extra dose or have some more UV exposure if you can and if you haven’t already.

The maintenance dose can be continued indefinitely; however, if chosen to cease dosing for an extended amount of time the user’s sensitivity to the peptide will return, making it easy to reduce pigmentation and then rebuild the tan to the desired level.

Effectiveness and Duration

Because Melanotan works naturally with your body, everyone’s experience can be different. We do know, however, that people with similar skin types tend to have similar results. So, once you know what your type is *, you can get a pretty good idea of what to expect.

* refer to the Fitzpatrick Skin Chart if you are unsure what your skin type is

Users will typically see an increase in pigmentation straight away while in the loading phase. If you are not seeing results then you need to increase the frequency of your UV exposure (especially if you are skin types 1 or 2). Everybody tans at different speeds. Assuming the right amount of UV exposure is combined with your MT2 usage, the approximate amount of time it will take to achieve your desired tan will be 4-8 weeks for skin types 1 & 2 and as little as 2-3 weeks for skin types 3 & 4.

Below is a more indepth explanation of what to expect for each skin type.


This palest natural skin tone is the most sensitive to sun exposure. This group always burns, never tans and usually peels. They also freckle profusely in the sun.

What to expect:

If you have lots of freckles they’ll darken before the rest of your skin tone. Some new freckles may also show up. Don’t panic. This is completely normal and actually a sign that your MT2 is working. Since your skin type is naturally pale, your loading phase will be longer than other customers. You’ll need a fairly large amount of MT2 in your system before your skin tone changes. Most customers with skin Type 1 start experiencing a change in their overall color around the fourth week of injections. At that time, you’ll probably need a moderate amount of sun exposure to achieve a deep tan, but you should not burn or peel. Your freckles should become less noticeable as your overall skin tone gets darker and darker.

Before you know it, you’ll have that tan you’ve always wanted.


This group isn’t extremely pale but still has trouble tanning. They burn easily and usually peel but can eventually develop a slight tan.

What to expect:

Most of our customers fall into this skin type and MT2 usually works very well for them. If you have freckles, you can expect them to darken more quickly than the rest of your skin (most likely within the first week). Also, a few new freckles might appear. Your skin should start to darken around the third week of injections. You’ll probably need a low amount of sun exposure (less than those with skin Type 1) before you get the color you want, but you shouldn’t burn or peel.

* A helpful tip: Your face and arms will probably get darker more quickly than the rest of your body because they’re exposed to the most amount of sun. To keep your tan even, use a high SPF on those areas.


This covers the widest variety of skin tones and refers to people who burn moderately in the sun but can gradually tan to a light brown. It also covers those don’t burn much at all and always tan well to a medium shade of brown. People in this category peel occasionally after prolonged sun exposure, but don’t usually peel or freckle.

What to expect:

MT2 works great for people with this skin type. Just like people with paler skin, if you have freckles, they’ll darken before the rest of your skin tone. You may see a change in your overall skin tone as quickly as ten days after starting injections, although it takes most people closer to three weeks. People with this skin type usually do not have to go in the sun at all to notice a difference in skin tone. If you do decide to go in the sun, your skin will darken quickly to a deep brown. Any part of your body that is exposed to sunlight (face, arms, hands, etc.) will tan very quickly. Use a high SPF if you find that those areas do not match the rest of your body.


If this is you, consider yourself lucky. This group rarely (if ever) burns in the sun and always tans to a deep, dark brown. They are not prone to peeling or freckling and can tan easily with minimal sun exposure.

What to expect:

Most customers with this skin type don’t need MT2 to get the perfect tan. Instead, they use it as a way to get tan without exposing themselves to harmful sunrays or using messy creams or lotions. People with this skin type will darken very quickly and will have a very short loading phase. You could see results in as early as a week, although it might take as long as two to three weeks. You won’t need to go in the sun to notice a change in your overall skin tone. Your skin will get darker on its own without exposure to sunlight or tanning beds.

* A bit of advice: If you do decide to go in the sun, you should use SPF and be cautious about becoming too dark.


This group includes people who are deeply pigmented and never burn. They are considered insensitive to sunlight. They don’t peel or freckle and are naturally dark with no sun exposure.

Tans developed using the peptides will typically last much longer than an ordinary tan, often for months at a time after the user stops getting regular sun. Conversely, natural tanners will lose their tans within a month during that same lack of sun.

Side Effects

There have been some side effects reported while using Melanotan 2, typically these effects appear during the first few days of dosing and will become increasingly less obvious as the body adjusts to the peptide. 

Generally the side effects fall into the mild category, however there are a few side effects which can be severe but you should only encounter these if you are overdosing. If at any point you believe the side effect to be severe, check you didn’t overdose. If you didn’t then lower your doses slightly and see if that rectifies the issue. You can also try lowering your dosage or inject half as much twice a day, spreading out the absorption of the peptide. Your body will react differently based on many things such as an increase/decrease in weight or hormones. If they still do not subside then discontinue use. If problems persist then seek medical advice.

These effects include: nausea, appetite loss, and increased sex drive. In order to combat nausea, anti-histamine can be taken when injecting until the body gets used to it. But most common way to deal with this is to inject melanotan before bed.
The most common side (from about 50mcg onward) is facial flushing. This is an antibody response to a foreign body and will subside quickly.

Most of these effects can be mitigated by antihistamines.
Anything listed below in ‘common’ is fine to experience. You should keep checks on moles and freckles though. Anything in the ‘uncommon’ generally means you’ve overdosed.  

Although people class nausea from MT2 as a common thing, it really shouldn’t be. Generally this is because people dose too much too fast. You may get a slight unease but if it is unbearable to experience through the day, lower your dosage. Injecting before bed is a last resort but can be an effective way of minimizing the nausea if you have no other options.

Common: Flushing, appetite suppression, darkening of moles.
Uncommon: Lethargy, nausea, dizziness.

Common: Flushing, appetite suppression, increased libido, facial hair darkening, darkening of moles.
Uncommon: Lethargy, nausea, dizziness.

MT2 and freckles

Users with freckles will notice them getting darker before they notice their skin colour changing. A few new freckles may also appear. Don’t panic! This is completely normal and actually a sign that the MT2 is working. Before you know it your freckles will become less noticeable as your overall skin tone gets darker and darker. If you find that your freckles are becoming too dark lower your dosage of MT2.

Hair Darkening

Many people will try melanotan for this effect on its own, however, it can be difficult to maintain good results.

After starting melanotan you’ll start to notice results in about 2 weeks.

I’ll reference the Fitzpatrick scale here.

Type 2+ will get consistent results when injecting upwards of 500mcg per day.

Type 1 will normally need upwards of 1mg per day.

This will obviously lead to you becoming very tanned which you may not desire.


Melanotan is sold for research and laboratory use. Buying these products means that the buyer acknowledges the hazards that may arise with the use of these products.
Please pursue information regarding the usage of Melanotan II from your own research, academic journals, or the research of your in-house scientific team. Products sold for research purposes are not for human consumption.

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