Melanotan Mixing & Dosing Instructions


Reconstitution (mixing) This is the act of dissolving your freeze dried powder into a sterile liquid medium ready for injection or into a spray for nasal administation. This can be accomplished with either sterile injectable water, sodium chloride or bacteriostatic water. For Injection There isn't much to consider here except dosage. If you wish to … Continue reading Melanotan Mixing & Dosing Instructions


All about Melanotan!


Melanotan¬†is a cosmetic peptide that stimulates a natural increase in melanin production. Melanin is the main determinant of skin colour in humans. It is a brown pigment, which causes skin to become darker in appearance instead of red when exposed to UV rays.¬†Typically when your skin is exposed to UV rays (the sun or tanning … Continue reading All about Melanotan!